Berkshire Meat

 Well marbled, tender, and remarkably ‘juicy’
Of all breeds Berkshire ranked 1st in 19 of 24 meat quality tests, showing lower acidity, higher moister retention, higher yield after cooking, as well as being most tender and juicy.
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Fischer Farm strives to provide high quality housing and feed, including organic and GM free ingredients and natural minerals such as kelp meal, to produce the highest quality meats. 
American Berkshires

Directly descended from English Berkshires which where kept by the royal family at Windsor Castle and are still revered for their superior meat quality and flavor.
Chinese Berkshire are recognized as Kurobuto, the highest quality pork delicacy, and American Berkshires have been unequaled since they entered the show arena in the 1950’s.

Raising Berkshires

While being hardy and active foragersBerkshire's are also excellent mothering abilities. Litter size is slightly smaller than other industrialized breeds and generally gestation is slightly longer resulting in stronger, more vigorous, larger piglets.
They get to around 600lbs and have an excellent disposition, being friendly and curious.